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the hollywood bowl at dusk...

Last night, Giancarlo took me to the Hollywood Bowl to see Joni's Jazz. It was a tribute to Joni Mitchell played and sung by Herbie Hancock, Chaka Khan, Aimee Mann, and others. It was a wonderful concert. Both Giancarlo and I love Joni Mitchell. We are really inspired to get back in the studio now!

Giancarlo brought some prosciutto that he'd had shipped from home (Giancarlo always needs a little bit of Italy!) and he kept trying to push bits of it into my mouth with his hands. No, thank you, I said. I can feed myself perfectly well!

After the concert, we got back on his motorbike and rode to my house through the streets of Los Angeles. Giancarlo wears a lot of cologne, so I imagined we were leaving a trail of his scent through the streets. When he dropped me off, Giancarlo held my face in his hands for a long time and stared into my eyes as though he was trying to find something. I don't know why. What was he looking at? I laughed at him. Giancarlo is so strange sometimes!

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